Letters to My Sister – Happily Ever After

Remember how I said I couldn’t think of the right words for my maid of honor speech and the days were getting closer and closer and I still had nothing? Well, we were so hectic with the pre wedding planning and family from out of the country in town, I didn’t get the time to sit down to write my speech… until the night before. I spent the night with the other bridesmaids at the London Hotel the night before and we had scheduled to meet the make up and hair gals at 6AM. Well, the night before the wedding– I left Fabe and said my good nights, I went home and finally sat myself down to write the speech… at 2am. I finished the speech at 4am and got dropped off at the London at 4:30 only to knock out and find that the make up and hair ladies had arrived a little early at 5:30. Oy.  Don’t worry, I got to sneak in a little nap before the ceremony so I was good to go.

Everly So and our Letters to My Sisters series has been so dear to my heart, I decided to write Fabe a letter as my speech.

Here it is:
Hi my name is Adri and I’m Fabe’s little sister. I was trying to write Fabe a poem for her wedding day, but I couldn’t find the right words so I decided to write her a letter. Some of you read our blog Everly So and on the blog– I started a LETTERS TO MY SISTER series and I thought this would be the best way to say what’s in my heart.


My dearest Suca. Can you believe this day if finally here? We have dreamed together of this day for so long and here you are. A bride. The beautiful bride I told you you were going to be. Here you are. At the amazing wedding I promised you and J would have together. I hope you are really soaking it all in. The love, the family, the friends and the wonderful sparkling energy everyone is showering you both in your new life together.

You know, I think about everything that you have been through to get here… everything God made happen for you — for you to be sitting right where you are at this exact moment and I think to myself, ” my God. It has been perfect.” Honestly- when I think of you– I often thank God for placing you in my life and our family’s life. You often thought of yourself as the black sheep of the family being the rebel and wildchild, but now that I see you and think back– you were really.. our fire and our shining star.

Suca. I know I say this all the time, but you have really been the constant in my life.  We went from being sisters, to best friends, to business partners and now I really believe that we are life partners.

As a sister – You and sumi are the best older sisters a girl could ask for and sometimes I really wonder what did I ever do to  deserve to have such amazing sisters in my life. I feel the grace of God when I think of the two of you.

As a best friend. Out of everyone I know in this entire world- you have the biggest heart. You always put everyone else before you and you do so much for everyone without expecting anything back. I know you will never judge me and I hope I can give you that same gift.

As a business partner. Building and growing Everly with you has been one of my proudest joys. We are so SO different– that if anyone ever told me we would be working together when we were little I wouldve never believed them, but here we are — making dreams come true. The biggest thing I love about Everly is that I am doing it with you. When one of us is down- the other really stands tall and I think God has really shown our family his love by having us all work together  towards building something for his purpose. Love.

As a life partner. As I was thinking about your wedding and life after– I often thought to myself, ” will things change after this? will she still love me the same way?” but writing this now– I realize that I do want things to change. I want J to be your number one and I want you to really try your best to be the best wife that you can be. I want you to fly fly away into your new life and I want you to be truly happy in it.  I just realized that your heart is so big– there will always be room for all of us. We will always be life partners. I will always love you the only way a sister can love a sister. Unconditionally.

James — My parents, the  bridesmaids and I want to say that we love you and please– take good care of our girl.

Suca – The bridesmaids and I want to wish you a beautiful life together with James. You say this to me all the time and today I want to say it back to you. Suca. I love you. Hold my hand.  I will never let you go.

xoxo, Neca



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