Happy Leap Day

Happy Leap Day everyone! I was trying to find out some fun things that happen on this day and the one thing that stuck and that I kept reading about was that Leap Day is the day WOMEN propose.  Isn’t that so funny/cute? If it’s something that’s been on your mind, get to it! Today is your chance!

Speaking of weddings, Fabe and I are going to THE CREAM event on Thursday!

We hope to be inspired not only for Fabe’s wedding, but for Everly too! After I saw these pictures of what’s to come I got even more excited.

images via 100 Layer Cake.

We’ll definitely post all about it! We hope you all enjoy your extra day of 2012!


  1. ahyun

    i can’t wait to see pictures from fabes wedding!!!

    • Adri

      We can’t wait to see it either! :) Miss you