9 More Days

So. I think it’s time to start the official countdown. 9 more days until Fabe’s big day. A lotta family is flying in starting next Tuesday so it’s time to relax all weekend before the crazineses begins. Fabe has started to clean out her room since she’s moving to her new place this weekend. She just texted me saying it’s starting to hit her.

Me? I’m fine!! I think. Everything seems like it’s happening so fast. I am so so happy for her and yet, something in my heart feels.. words cannot describe.  I know she is going to have the most amazing life, BUT I think big changes are always a growing up process and sometimes it’s hard, but worth it. Marriage is so so good and I can’t wait for her to experience this in her new life. Building a new family and really living as if your new husband is your new family is easy to say, but so hard to actually do.  Through it all though, my sisters and I have been through so much together and I know this is just another step we are all taking together.

I’m trying to write my matron of honor speech and I’ve been thinking about it for months, but I can’t seem to find the words yet. Hopefully it will come to me soon ( it better!)

Things are so crazed — but full of amazing things right now.


Letters to My Sister – Tokyo

Hi Fabe,

We travelled all day from Japan to Korea today and you are passed out next to me. I’m really tired too, but I wanted to write while you were asleep so that we can both remember this time. It is so beautiful here in Korea with all the cars buzzing by, but it is SO frigid cold. We woke up so early to pack all of our Japan goodies and tried to stuff hundreds of things in our luggage. When we got to the airport the korean Air lady told us the flight was full so she upgrade us to business class. We acted totally cool about it but we were so psyched and happy and we got to pass the line of what seemed like 200 people. When I asked you, ” i wonder why she upgraded us??” you told me you smiled at her really big and I just smiled, but that really did make me smile because it showed me how funny you are. Yes, our smile did compel the Korean Air lady to push us up to business class. It was amazing. Everything was just a little ( or a lot better) and they covered us with real blankets and gave us OJ in real glass cups. We joked about how we can never go back to yucky economy now.
We just had dinner with grandpa and he asked you when you were going to get married. They kept asking why J wasn’t proposing and you had nothing to say!! haha. I helped you out and told them you were getting married next year and gramps wanted to know the exact month. He said he needed to plan ahead and is going to Spain in September and told us that May would be ideal for him. I thought it my head that I really do think you might be getting married in May so it can totally work out for him and you! Gramps remembers everything and I guess he remembered that you want a destination wedding so he said he would meet all of us in Hawaii. He is SO cute.
Our trip is coming to an end soon. Time has passed by SO fast. It rained all day in Japan yesterday and we were walking around with so much stuff and the rain made is so hard for us to get around, but together we did it. Without speaking a word of Japanese we got through it and we had an amazing time and met some of the nicest people.
I hope you will remember Japan and this trip as much as I do. Sushi Dai at the Tsujiki fish market was… no words. I will never forget that experience for the rest of my life. The nicest sushi chef…standing for 2 hours waiting to eat the most amazing sushi at 8AM was totally worth the wait. I will never forget that toro melting in our mouths and whenever I eat sushi I will think of you.
I love you so much suca. I know life is gonna get crazy for you but I hope you know that I am here for you. We will make this wedding of yours amazing and we will have a blast doing it.
good night!

xx, neca

Us at Sushi Dai

Pre-Bridal Shower

We have 2 weeks to go for Fabe’s wedding. The boys are off to J’s bachelor party and the gals are throwing Fabe a bridal shower tomorrow morning. It’s been a long time coming with lots of planning, meetings, textings, e-mails… drawing mocks, making signs, gathering cups, ordering food… tomorrow is finally OUR big day where I think it will finally hit her that she’s getting married. It’s weird because I feel like whenever someone is going through the wedding planning process, it’s this out of body experience where when it’s their actual bridal shower they don’t really believe it’s for them. All of our lives we attend so many showers and we feel so happy and joyful for the bride, but when it’s our turn, we don’t realize that it’s for US and people are happy and joyous for ME! I keep trying to remind Fabe to soak in the moment, smile, have fun! Bottle up all of the love from everyone.

We have 43 ladies attending the shower. The entire week it’s been pretty chilly and rainy, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be beautiful. Cross fingers. I can’t wait for Fabe to see everything we have put together for her! Her own little mini wedding. Can’t wait to share pictures and all of our inspirations with you all.

I’ll let you all know how it goes! Eeps!

image via Pinterest.

The Cream. Part 2

More from The Cream event. So much goodness.

The yummiest cheese (and even better hand held cheese platter) from Whoa Nelly Catering.

Cute wine.

A super cute and yummy dessert! Shaved ice with funky (but good!) flavors from Sno Con Amor. My favorite flavor was watermelon with basil.

Love this heart. Wish I could hang it in my house.

Even if you are not engaged or are already married, I would definitely recommend The Cream event. You just walk out of there feeling inspired and the energy in the room is so fun and happy. Also, all the ladies are dressed super cute so if you love to people watch– this is the place.

The Cream. Part 1

Fabe and I went to The Cream event 2 weeks ago and it was so much fun.  It was so nice to see all these hard working women (and men) in the wedding industry making it happen for themselves. There was a dance contest in the end where a couple won a trip to Paris! Super sweet.

Honestly. Life has been insane. With Fabe’s wedding exactly (exactly!) 2 months away we are all starting to feel it in our bones. So much planning goes into a wedding and  seeing Fabe juggle wedding planning and work– I must say she is a trooper.

All the invitations are being sent out. The wedding, the bridal shower… I just can’t wait for the bachelorette where we can bask under the Hawaiian sun and get away from it all even if it’s just for a sweet moment.